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This Is The Master-of-Nets Garden

Mobile Game, 2021

This is a mobile game I designed based on one of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou. I created a virtual Master-of-Nets Garden to allow the players to wander around in the game. Besides, I designed a lesson plan for kindergarten that allows the kindergarten educators to lead their students to play this game on tablets and learn more about the story and history of the Master-of-Nets Garden through class activities.

Lesson Plan (Brief)


  • Enjoy the view of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou

  • Learn about the Master-of-Nets Garden and its famous attractions


  • Actively express the understanding of gardens and learn about the Master-of-Nets Garden


  • Learn about the names and stories of the different attractions in the Master-of-Nets Garden


  • Slides, tablets with the game installed


  • Introduce the topic during conversation

  • Divide the children into groups of 4 to play the game

  • Teacher checks children’s gameplay group by group

  • Children share the attractions they saw in the game

  • Teacher gives in-depth introductions of attractions in the garden

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